Subject Applicants

  • Students in all academic levels (elementary, middle-high school, university, post-graduate including master & doctoral degree candidates)
  • Individual inventors, innovators, professors and research scientists
  • Company, organization, science research institute, academies and other


Evaluation and Awards

Method of Evaluation : All the entry form will be evaluated online by the AIJAM-Japan Committee first, please submit your entry form properly. 

Evaluation Criteria :

  • Innovation: level of innovation and originality, academic/technological significance. (25%)
  • Socio-Economic Impact: contribution to society, academia, industry / commercial feasibility (25%)
  • Presentation: effectively conveying the work in a clear, well-structured manor to highlight its significance  (20%)
  • Convergence: convergence with emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, etc. (15%)
  • Technical Feat: level of technical details including experimentation, theoretical analysis, data collection, engineering etc. (15%)

Evaluation Regulation

Ideas copied off from an already-existing knowledge base will be automatically disqualified from the competition based on the prior registered technology research and Deprived inventions of the copied model, others’ creative ideas will not be qualified to compete in the competition permanently.


Entry Fee Payment

  • Each Project/Team will be charged for registration fee of 550 USD
  • For award winners unable to attend the AIJAM-Japan Award Ceremony in Japan, additional cost of International postage charge will be induced
  • All details for required payment will be expressed on the checkout registration
  • AI JAM-Japan application form and online payment please deposit 550 USD
  • The AIJAM-Japan Entry fee 550 USD must be present for the judgment

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